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Christine Breen

Christine's grandfather was born in Kiltumper, in the cottage where she and Niall now live. Born in New York and educated in Boston and Dublin, she met Niall Williams in the cafeteria at University College Dublin while doing her MA in Irish Literature. In addition to being a writer, Christine is an artist, homeopath and garden designer. Her first novel, HER NAME IS ROSE, was published in 2015 by St. Martin's Press and has been optioned by Company Pictures. She is currently finishing her second novel, TWO BLUE MOONS. 

In 2002, Christine and Niall and their two children travelled around the world for 9 months. Christine's travel memoir of their journey, SO MANY MILES TO PARADISE, originally published by Townhouse in Dublin, is now available on Kindle, published by Kiltumper Books.

At various times Christine has been a houseplant doctor for Neiman Marcus, a copyeditor for The American Journal of Medicine, an administrator of the Kiltumper Writing Workshops, the author of a monthly column THE VIEW FROM KILTUMPER,and the founder of an artist cooperative and gallery where she sold her paintings.

She is the grateful mother of two children who are never far from her heart, although living across an ocean away from Kiltumper. 



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