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O Come Ye Back to Ireland
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O Come Ye Back To Ireland: Our First Year in County Clare
Niall Williams and Christine Breen

In 1985 Niall Williams and Christine Breen moved from New York to a small cottage in the west of Ireland to write and paint. This is the chronicle of their first year's adventures.

"Perceptive and balanced and altogether delightful."
-Chicago Tribune

"Their tale is a delightful romance."
-The New York Times Book review

"This charming little book is about all the surprises that come from living out a dream."
-San Francisco Chronicle

"Simple, sincere and succinct...A delightful book."
-Kansas City Star

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When Summer's in the Meadows
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When Summer's In The Meadow
Niall Williams & Christine Breen
(Soho Press, 1990)

This story takes up where O Come Ye Back to Ireland left off. After learning they can't have children, Niall and Christine adopt Deirdre, and continue their story in the pastoral farming community in the wild and beautiful Irish countryside.


The Pipes Are Calling

The Pipes Are Calling
Niall Williams and Christine Breen
(Soho Press, 1993)

With two-year old Deirdre in her baby seat, Niall Williams and Christine Breen take to the backroads and boreens of Ireland in their third book. Illustrated.

"A charming and soul-fulfilling book...The Pipes are Calling seduces you into believing its not a travel guide book. But it does the job without the 'how to's'. Try it."
-San Francisco Examiner

"A travelogue guided by a sense of place and written from the heart."
-The Atlanta Constitution

"The 'real' Ireland--farms and horse fairs, friendly neighbours and friendly strangers, turf fires, sooty towns and abundant nature, the tranquility of the south and the strife in the north--draws the reader in."
-Cleveland Plain Dealer

The Luck of the Irish

The Luck Of The Irish
Niall Williams and Christine Breen
(Soho Press, 1995)

Ten years after Niall Williams and Christine Breen left New York for a life in west Clare, they evaluate what that decision has meant to their lives, and how Ireland itself has changed in that time.

"We too can take joy in Williams and Breen for following their dream, be glad that they 'must write about our life in order to continue living it,' that, in spite of everything as they say, 'we have done it...we are still here.' ''
-San Francisco Chronicle

"Readers will toast this book with a well deserved Slainte."
-Publishers Weekly

So Many Miles to Paradise: From Clare to There, by Christine Breen

So Many Miles to Paradise: From Clare to There
Christine Breen

As a New Yorker living in the remote townland of Kiltumper in County Clare for almost twenty years, Christine Breen knew it was time to start afresh. 

In September 2002—as she neared her fiftieth birthday—she began a nine-month adventure around the world with her husband, novelist Niall Williams, and their two children.

So Many Miles to Paradise is Christine’s engaging and inspirational account of this journey, the like of which most of us will only dream about. The highs and lows of life—excitement, joy, disappointment, and even fear—are intensified here. Whether trapezing through the Costa Rican jungle, celebrating Christmas on a farm in Chile, or toasting life and family with a glassful of 10,000-year-old ice in Patagonia, Christine reminds us that some risks are worth taking. 

On this revelatory journey towards a new, inner perspective, Christine re-imagines herself as wife, mother, sister and writer. Through her eyes, discover a world that is sometimes familiar, sometimes strange, and endlessly stimulating. 

AVAILABLE from Kindle, published by  KILTUMPER BOOKS. 

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