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Comments for the workshop…

Anyone thinking about attending a Niall Williams writing workshop should stop thinking and get it booked.
– John in Scotland

I certainly don't think the workshop could be any better. It was perfect exactly the way it was; challenging, thought provoking, inspirational, beautiful, and as I kept saying, life-changing!
– LS, Norway

The three days were amongst the most wonderful and inspiring of my life! Niall Williams is not only a brilliant writer, but a really excellent, inspiring teacher. Christine and Joseph provided exquisite food and hospitality. The whole experience was nurturing for mind, body and spirit! Kiltumper itself, and Chris's glorious garden made this a time that will remain vividly, always, in my memory. It was a truly transforming experience, and I feel really blessed to have been part of that group. Thank you to Niall, Christine and Joseph, and to all the other wonderful people I shared the journey with.
– FC, Scotland

Niall is an excellent teacher, and I left the course with a greater understanding of how different conventions and techniques fit together in order to create stories that are authentic and alive. I appreciated all of the encouragement and constructive criticism I received. I’ve found that his suggestions have really helped me pinpoint areas that I can develop in order to make my writing stronger and more vivid.
– MG, Canada

Attending the workshop was a rewarding and exciting experience. I enjoyed meeting the other writing guests; so much heart and spirit in that cosy room warmed by the bog fire! The perfect place for a writing workshop. No distractions. So much beauty in the gardens and buildings. And Christine’s tea times were so wonderful! I especially enjoyed your delicious salads, but everything was delicious and so beautiful. Niall’s teaching style was so refreshing. I have studied under a lot of professors of writing and literature, but Niall’s approach was new and exciting.
– BM, Washington State

I have gained entry to one of the UK’s top creative writing courses, but the precious few days in Co Clare surpassed anything I have experienced. The three days, held in Williams’ own cottage, are energetic, fast-paced and achieve a surprising penetration of their subject matter in the time available. Niall Williams is a lively energetic figure. As tall as the rowdy agapanthus which wife Chris Breen grows in the rich cottage garden, Niall proved to be an earnest and lively leader of the workshops. His previous experience and love of teaching shines through the sessions where tried and tested group work-shopping techniques are used and valuable individual sessions are also scheduled. But it is probably his modest, self-effacing and honest analysis of his own approach to writing which is most illuminating. Sitting comfortably by the huge turf fire, unchanged since Chris’ ancestors were born in the house but now surrounded by a thousand books, it is comforting and inspiring to connect with the seat of Wiliams’s creative inspiration. The generosity doesn’t stop there, the family throw their house open to the eight people attending the course, with Chris and son Joseph laying on colourful, wholesome lunches and firing up the Aga to make cakes for the breaks. I went home with inspiration that was spoken from the heart and which has given lasting nourishment to my writing.
– JJ, Scotland


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