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Workshop Testimonials

"Anyone thinking about attending a Niall Williams writing workshop should stop thinking and get it booked."
– John in Scotland

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Fiction Writing Workshops  in Kiltumper continue to gather strength. Several writers have gone on to publish or get literary representation. 



Next Fiction Writing Workshop will be held

ONLINE October 31th - November 1st 


This is a new adventure because of the Pandemic.  Many writers have written to us requesting Niall do some online workshops so we will give it a try.  If interested please  write to kiltumperbooks at  Details for the 2021 workshops in Kiltumper will be posted at the end of the year. 

Workshops begin with a Meet & Greet in Kiltumper on Friday evening. The wiriting sessions begin on Saturday at 9:30 and run until 5:30. The same again on Sunday, with the workshop concluding on Monday at 4:00. Each session is a blend of discussion and group exercises on plot, character, dialogue, sense of place, narrative voice. Writers who submit work ahead of time may avail of a one to one with Niall. The combination of established and beginning writers participating together has worked well. (Several participants have gone on to either secure publishing contracts or representation, or best of all have become published.)  




Here is a comment from a writer who attended the November 2016 workshop and secured agent, got a publishing deal and was nominated for the Costa Awards for debut novel! 

"I’ve just got back from an extraordinary three days of deep learning at one of Niall Williams’ workshops for writers. Not every inspiring author is an inspiring teacher - but Niall Williams teaches with the same combination of sensitivity and precision with which he writes.  Over the carefully planned sessions, his insight into the craft of writing penetrated sharply, giving us the tools with which to sculpt our own work. Niall gave tirelessly of himself in every session, creating an atmosphere of profound acceptance and respect into which we wrote and critiqued with clear and transformative goals. He and his wife, Christine, provided a backdrop of warm hospitality, peppered with delicious convivial meals in their home.  You will come away changed as a writer." --J.G., London

The aim of the writing workshops is to encourage writers in the tranquil surrounding of Kiltumper and West Clare where Niall and Christine have been writing for over thirty years. Christine prepares full course lunches and provides tea and cakes for 2 tea-breaks per day. (All diets catered for.) 





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