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‘I have just arrived home from a magical three days in Kiltumper and feel that my writer self is utterly rejuvenated. Through the insights, encouragement and care of Niall and Christine, I feel I will now return to the page a more conscious writer. I am so much more aware now of my own writerly habits, able to see my own blind spots, and to hear my own writing with clearer ears. Even more importantly, however, than this newly refined ability to spot my own weaknesses, I also feel hugely strengthened in my potential to overcome them. After just these few days, I know my next book will be a stronger work as a result of my time there. I could not recommend this workshop more to writers at any stage in their writing lives - it will illuminate your craft in the most inspirational of ways.’

 - Helen Cullen, London
   Author of
 The Lost Letters of William Woolf

This workshop was a gift from a friend that evolved to become a gift from Niall, Christine and the other writers. Niall is a masterful teacher, able to create a safe and inspiring space from which to challenge our learning and our writing. The three days were extremely well structured and paced, lending a beautiful flow to what felt like an otherworldly time and place. And each day, amidst all that we were writing and sharing and learning, Christine's wondrous food and beautiful company, nourished and restored. This workshop has truly transformed me as a reader and placed me in the mind of a writer, and for this gift I am, ironically, without words. Thank you to you both, Niall and Christine, and my fellow writers for your openness, curiosity and inspiring company.'

 - Wendy Liu, Sydney

Not sure if words are enough to describe the experience of being part of the workshops - Niall's writing workshops  are life-changing, life-enhancing and both writing and reading become very different experiences - more pleasurable, more thoughtful, more necessary to being in this very odd and wonderful world - a continuing adventure into the known and unknown and becoming something on the page.  A renewal of falling in love with the gift of the written word.  And Christine's welcome, hospitality and culinary skills are to be savoured long after leaving.  I am left with the impatience of waiting to read both of their up and coming novels, and great gratitude for their time and generosity. 

 - Maggie Taraz, Brighton

Poet and Artist, Anne Perrin writes on her award-winning blog about the workshop...  



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