So Many Miles to Paradise: From Clare to There

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So Many Miles to Paradise: From Clare to There

Christine Breen

As a New Yorker living in the remote townland of Kiltumper in County Clare for almost twenty years, Christine Breen knew it was time to start afresh. 

In September 2002—as she neared her fiftieth birthday—she began a nine-month adventure around the world with her husband, novelist Niall Williams, and their two children.

So Many Miles to Paradise is Christine’s engaging and inspirational account of this journey, the like of which most of us will only dream about. The highs and lows of life—excitement, joy, disappointment, and even fear—are intensified here. Whether trapezing through the Costa Rican jungle, celebrating Christmas on a farm in Chile, or toasting life and family with a glassful of 10,000-year-old ice in Patagonia, Christine reminds us that some risks are worth taking. 

On this revelatory journey towards a new, inner perspective, Christine re-imagines herself as wife, mother, sister and writer. Through her eyes, discover a world that is sometimes familiar, sometimes strange, and endlessly stimulating. 

AVAILABLE from Kindle, published by  KILTUMPER BOOKS. 

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