As It Is In Heaven

As It Is In Heaven

As It Is In Heaven

“It was a season of love in the afternoon; of slow time and long caresses, of strawberries…passing from mouth to mouth like the wet, ripe and softly bruised essence of pleasure itself…”

Time has already stopped for Stephen Griffin when he moves into the little house by the sea. Twenty-eight years old and haunted by death, the tall, awkward, shy schoolteacher is content to care for his father in Dublin and let life pass him by. Then a miracle appears: a string ensemble from Venice and, with it, a violinist named Gabriella Castoldi.


"God and Love and death can take care of themselves. A far greater mystery is the marvellous existence of a writer like Niall Williams...The novel is all delicious coincidence and tragedy, as extraordinary lives begin to unravel and intertwine...You might say that Williams really does write like an angel."

"Intricate and tender...there is a deftness to the artistry, a sophistication in the telling of their love story that captivates brilliantly."

Short-listed for the Irish Times Literature Prize 1999

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