Boy In the World

Boy in the World

Boy In the World

Boy in the World tells the story of a quest. The boy, an everyman for a new generation, grows up in a village in the West of Ireland in the care of his grandfather. On the morning of his Confirmation he is given a letter from his long dead mother and his world shatters.

It is a journey that takes him from Ireland to London, from there across Europe and into Africa. He has extraordinary encounters and those whom he passes are often changed by their meetings. Boy in the World is a remarkable story of a boy seeking his way in a changing world where all he holds dear seems to be in danger.


At times thoughtful and moving, ultimately it is the empathy the reader feels for the young boy which allows this fine novel to resonate so well.”

“A likeable novel, which succeeds both as a sympathetic study of relationships and personal loss, and as a colourful… gripping story…”



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