Four Letters Of Love

Four Letters of Love

Four Letters Of Love

Nicholas Coughlan and Isabel Gore were made for each other but how will they ever know it? Four Letters Of Loveis a novel about destiny, acceptance, and the tragedies and miracles of everyday life. Most of all it is an unforgettable tale about the illuminating power of love, and how all of our stories meet in the end.


"Occasionally you have the great good fortune to read a novel which you devour as if it were a thriller, want it to last forever...but finally put down with great whoops of joy. Niall Williams' narrative unfolds with lyrical grace. Four Letters Of Love rolls with clarity and courage towards a heartbreaking affirmation of magic, miracles and the power of human love."

"A novel about love, but even more about the longing that goes with love...a deeply satisfying work of art."

"...unfurls like some epic poem which has been handed down in song generation by generation. Half fable, half tragic realism, its musical rhythm is unforgettable."

"This book can rightfully claim its place among the classics of Irish literature."

A New York Times Notable Book Of The Year.

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