The Fall of Light

The Fall of Light

The Fall of Light

The Fall of Light is an epic story that follows the fortunes of the four Foley brothers in the Ireland of the 19th Century, a time of poverty, famine, mystery and redemption. Inevitably, the Foleys are scattered, each to his own road and his own future. The novel leads them from the bittersweet heart of Ireland beyond its shores to Europe, America and Africa. Williams guides his characters through fire and water, earth and sky, magic and reality, loss and consolation, until finally they come to terms with their own freedom and dreams.


"Williams' prose is bathed in poetry and moonlight."

"Fable-like...with a Celticized magical realism and sheer power of storytelling."

"Williams' language is rich to the point of bursting...A brave, generous and wholehearted book."

Longlisted for the IMPAC Award

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