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Kiltumper GardenWe hosted a wonderful Writing Workshop in Kiltumper in July of 2023. 

About the Workshop: Each session is devoted to a different aspect of the craft of fiction, Character, Setting, Plot, Dialogue, Point-of-View, and Style, and divided into three parts. In the first part, Niall gives a directed talk on the chosen topic, using examples from classic literature, and outlining his understanding of how this aspect of fiction works, and why. In the second part, he assigns a writing exercise, tightly focused on the topic, asks participants to leave the ‘Workshop Room’ for 40 mins to complete the exercise. In the third part, each participant is asked to read their exercise assignment, and Niall gives directed feedback, with the aim of highlighting that week’s aspect, and securing the points made.

We are discussing the possibility of holding the next workshop in Ennis, Co Clare at wonderful The Old Ground Hotel… 2024

A writer who attended the November 2016 workshop in Kiltumper, secured an agent, got a publishing deal and was nominated for the Costa Awards for debut novel! 

“I’ve just got back from an extraordinary three days of deep learning at one of Niall Williams’ workshops for writers. Not every inspiring author is an inspiring teacher – but Niall Williams teaches with the same combination of sensitivity and precision with which he writes.  Over the carefully planned sessions, his insight into the craft of writing penetrated sharply, giving us the tools with which to sculpt our own work. Niall gave tirelessly of himself in every session, creating an atmosphere of profound acceptance and respect into which we wrote and critiqued with clear and transformative goals. He and his wife, Christine, provided a backdrop of warm hospitality, peppered with delicious convivial meals in their home.  You will come away changed as a writer.” –

Joanna Glen, bestselling author of the Costa Nominated THE OTHER HALF OF AUGUSTA HOPE, London

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